M&M Adventures

"Amazing, fun and unique adventure games discovering Prague with someone who lives here…"

Would you like to discover mysteries about Czech history in a fun, playful way? Do you enjoy unusual games? Then now you have a unique opportunity to discover forgotten mysterious stories, hidden curiosities, dark sins and romances, passion and love in Prague!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with us! Come with a group of friends, bring your family or workmates! Create a team, meet new people and learn something new about our beautiful city.

We look forward to meeting you!


In the footsteps of the Devil

Dear children, do you know the legend of the rebellion of angels against God himself? Its leader, once the dearest angel of God, a being of cold beauty, was called Lucifer - the Light Bearer. After a cruel battle, God threw him down from heaven.

Esoteric Prague

Do you like secrets & mysteries? ✨
Are you interested in learning how to read and understand secret symbols and signs that largely go unnoticed by every day people ?
We will go back into the past and decipher secret messages of our ancestors that they left us here centuries ago!

Prague in Movies

Are you a movie fan? Do you want to know more about the films that were shot in Prague? Then this is the right tour for you!

Prague Beer ‘Zoo Tour’

Czech beer is our national treasure, right next to the crown jewels. The golden brew witnessed many important events over the ages, but what would be beer without the pub?

Prague Da Vinci Code

Have you read the Da Vinci Code? Do you enjoy mystery and symbolism while visiting old churches, being fascinated by its symbols and true meanings? Solve the puzzle of Charles IV and the mystery of the symbols...

Praha v českých filmech

Mala Strana and its mysteries

Let's bring alive together the stories of Malá Strana. Tales of love and passion, mystery, sin and danger...

Tales of the Old Town

The Old Town is the oldest part of Prague. Are you interested in discovering places of mysterious history and explore the events that took place here in medieval times? Try it with us!

Rulers of the Czech Lands

Would you like to walk through Prague in the company of our great rulers? Do you know which kings were most important to us and what they achieved for our country? And who were the lesser known ones, and the ridiculed ones ..?