In the footsteps of the Devil


Do you know the legend of the rebellion of angels against God himself? Its leader, once the dearest angel of God, a being of cold beauty, was called Lucifer - the Light Bearer. After a cruel battle, God threw him out of heaven. During this fall, Lucifer lost a jewel from his crown, which created the Czech basin and Prague in its center. Lucifer later became Satan and the Devil, the bearer of hidden light and mysterious knowledge. In Prague we come across the devil or Lucifer in many forms. A mysterious stone had set in place the dark seed, the fruits of which were reaped by alchemists, magicians, and other initiates of mysterious teachings.

During this game, we will talk about some scary legends about the hellhound and visit the places associated with him.

The game consists of searching for clues, attention, answering questions and searching for hidden points of interest. This version is light, funny, and kids will love it right away!

What you need with you: Charged smartphone, comfortable shoes, a bunch of great friends and a good mood.

A small surprise awaits the winner.

Recommended age 6-18 years


For adultsStudents under 18 yearsChildren under 6 years
350,- czk150,- czkfree (accompanied by an adult)

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Start: Kostel Sv. Vavřince na Petříně

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